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Sports Wagering is a Bad Bet for Dogs

H.B. 2390, S. 23, S. 98, S. 222, S. 224, S. 240 H.B. 297

  • Bill Summaries: Seven bills being proposed by the Kansas legislature will permit sports wagering at racetrack venues across the state. However, under Kansas law, racetrack venues cannot offer sports wagering unless live greyhound racing occurs daily. Even if greyhound racing is not printed in the bill(s), permitting racetracks to act as a venue for sports wagering will require greyhound racing. Therefore, offering sports wagering at racetrack gaming facilities in Kansas is dependent on live greyhound racing.

  • What These Bill Do: Sports wagering legislation, without the exclusion of greyhound racing, will require the return of greyhound racing in Kansas. Greyhound racing has long been rejected by the public and has been proven to not be economically viable in the state, or anywhere else in the U.S. When the last Kansas greyhound racetrack closed in 2008, racetrack gambling revenue had declined by 95 percent.

  • Please Oppose: Greyhound racing is an inhumane and cruel activity. Nationally, greyhound racing has been banned in 41 states. In 2018, Florida voters overwhelmingly chose to ban greyhound racing, eliminating 11 of America’s 17 remaining dog tracks. Greyhound racing remains legal and operational in only five states. Racing greyhounds endure lives of extreme confinement. Many live in warehouse-style kennels barely large enough for them to stand up, and are confined for 20-23 hours per day. Greyhounds are fed “4-D” meat from dead, dying and diseased or disabled animals not fit for human consumption. Racing dogs also suffer serious injury and death when racing. In the last six months of operation at The Woodlands, 80 dogs were injured - suffering broken legs, sprains, torn muscles, spinal injuries, and injuries related to electrocutions from wire fencing. Nineteen dogs died while racing or were later euthanized.

Greyhounds are our pets, not bets!


Please take a moment to call your representative; you can look up your legislator’s information and phone number here.

Use the script below if you’re not sure what to say.

“Hi, my name is ______ and I’m a constituent in your district. I’m calling you today to tell you that I oppose any legislative action, subsidy or incentive designed to bring greyhound racing back to Kansas. Several sports wagering bills are being proposed that would allow racetrack gaming facilities to offer sports wagering, but to do so, racetrack gaming facilities must also offer live greyhound races. Greyhound racing is an inhumane activity that has been proven not to be economically viable in Kansas. As your constituent, please vote NO on any sports wagering legislation unless it specifically excludes greyhound racetrack facilities. Thank you.”