Kansas is ranked 34 for animal protection and welfare in the United States.

  • Kansas is the #4 state for puppy mill production.

  • Kansas is #3 for the state with the highest broker complaints about dealers selling sick puppies.

  • Kansas has over 165 puppy mills, with over 10,500 adult dogs trapped in the cycle of abuse.

  • Kansas had 8 dealers listed in the 2018 HSUS Horrible Hundred Report for egregious breeding facility violations - many repeat offenders!

  • Kansas is 1 of 10 states with the highest number of licensed animal breeders in the nation.

  • Kansas has at least 7 pet stores selling puppies sourced from puppy mills.

  • Kansas is 1 of 9 states where greyhound racing is still legal.

  • Missouri is 1 of only 6 states to have an ag-gag law, making it illegal for undercover investigations of puppy mills.